Friday, June 5, 2015

A hive of busy-ness!

Well, your children have been so busy here in the artroom we are a little overdue with our special Magic Dot Art News!!! So from small our corner of Britain by the Arty Garden here's an update of our exciting adventures............ 
Reception 2 Artistes

Our special Art Detectives in R2 got to study a " Mystery Object  in art recently, as you can see they got to use their special Magnifying Glass detective skills and look exceedingly carefully ....

We found all kinds of shapes and pathways and wires and connections......people had all kinds of suggestions about what our Mystery Object is...

Everyone knew it was something to do with electricity, someone suggested an electric city, a computer chip, something that holds information, a connecting place, a 
i-phone inside...

Demonstrating that our small students already  know soooo much !!!
To further our investigation we decided to use our special Art Investigation technique of drawing an object to find our more......
Just look at all that detail!
Then we too our investigation even further used that drawing and our Mystery Object to create a model of our findings..
We used an array of recycled objects and papers to make a model.
Started painting the background....
and adding collage to remind us what our Mystery Objects are made of!!

Grade One Artistes 
Have been studying Islam in the classroom and alongside that in art we have been looking at the amazing structure of Mosques. Your Grade One angels went to visit the rather striking Mosque on Kowloon and we defined some ingredients of the architectural features.
So using our "ingredients" chart, based on our own visual  research, people set out to design their very own segment of a Mosque, called a Minaret.
Everyone interested the design and the ingredients in their own personal way!
We learned about colour mixing
We learned how to use "high school" brushes whisper softly !

With outstanding results !!

Grade Two Artistes

 Now get ready for a Mystery to unravel.....before your very eyes!!! Look at these pictures, what strange materials are our grade two friends holding ?
Wait a minute....whats that I see ? Someone's old sock??

What next? Stretching, pulling and forming new shapes???

Then each class of Grade Two art angels having formed very special and particular shapes and covered their old socks with some white glue........I wonder why ?

So the story is that  each Grade two class has been studying one particular artist and so their Sculptural shapes reflect that artist and the next step was to cover their Sculpture with a undercoat of paint.
 Then after learning all about that artist, they practised how to emulate their style in the sketchbook.
Miss Soransen's class looked at the work of Gustav Klimt
 Miss Niemeyer's class looked at the jungles of Henri Rousseau
 Miss Asper's class studied Vincent Van Gogh
 Mrs Moulton's class looked at the Aboriginal Dot painting of Australia
 Mrs McLeod's class studied Pablo Picasso 
 Miss Norton's class studied Jackson Pollock
 Mrs Satpathy's class studied Hundertwasser
 Miss Nqyuen's class studied Claude Monet
Mr Wood's class studied Joan Miro

 Students then went on to transfer their learning to the sculpture itself !!


and at last we were able to have our Pop Up Artshow in the garden so that each grade could see what each other have been doing!!

Happy Summer holidays everyone
we'll be back in September with more tales from the LP Artroom and the Magic Dot !!


Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk xxx

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