Tuesday, October 13, 2015

September and October moments !!

Wondrous Artroom Magic !!!

As ever we have seen many magical moments here in the LP artroom and it is only the beginning of the year! Your children have been experimenting, discovering and creating !

Just look at White Rabbit in R2 !

Well as ever, we have had the help of one of our special artroom friends and the highly secretive and very naughty White Rabbit came to lend a hand in our colour discovery adventures .......
We read the story of the Artroom Rabbit who creeps in when Mrs Flowers and Mrs Kirk are out! and jumps into the paint.....
He finds 3 pots of paint: one red, one yellow and one blue....
Ask your children what do we call these three colours ?

Then he jumps from one to the other and ends up with very sticky fur! 
What are the three new colours that he makes ?
So we did a little bit of experimenting with some inks and Magic Mixture,  we also discovered that it is possible to make a few new colours.......
We dripped and dropped colours onto our own self portraits.......we watched them blend together in giant bottles and last of all we practiced with a paintbrush!
Our new Secondary colours were Green, Orange and Purple.

However, we looked out into our garden and discovered that there isn't just one green.....there are lots and lots !!! So then we tried changing our mixtures and recipes so we could make many shades of our new secondary colours!

Grade One: Meet the Artist

Do you know who painted this picture Parents ? 
Ask your Grade One children to tell you the name of the artist. 

 So we looked very carefully at the special characteristics of this artist Mr Gustav Klimt and came to some conclusions.....
Ask your children about some of his special tricks....
People identified certain shapes and patterns and outlined these so we could try and understand how they were put together.
 Look what we had made when we turned off the screen !
Can you see what we discovered ?
Shapes were clustered into shape families and often nestled inside each other.

Then we chose some sections of paintings by Klimt to seek out how the patterns and shapes work together. Everyone studied several sections, look at the amazing observational skills that your children are developing. They saw so much and drew the shapes so carefully, starting from top to bottom and keeping size and space in mind.
Next we have been preparing for the making of a painting, using the tricks of Mr Klimt.
We painted a background, speckled with gold ready to make a portrait which will be a camouflaged by using Mr Klimts tricks. 
Ask your children about Mr Klimts camouflage tricks....
We looked at a new painting called The Kiss and decided to include long magical robes covered in patterns just like those figures.
Look, our figure is the same shade as the background.
Now its time to bring in our pattern drawing skills that we have learned before and use those on our painting. Watch this space for next exciting steps!

Grade Two Rotational Designs 
As you can see, a compass is a tool to help us find our way......
Grade two art students have made compasses in class, to help them find their way too..
Marking out North, South, East, West in the sketchbooks they have started to prepare the way to making a very tricky circular design called a Mandala.

Ask your children which compass points come in between the first four....
Once they had all 8 x points in place, they began to make some shapes that point in all 8 directions.Then these shapes were decorated using various lines and shapes.
This is the very start of their Mandala, look at the amazing results !
 Once everyone was secure in the design technique we then went on to prepare coloured circles for the next stage.
Then we began our process........
Ask your children to describe what they did at each stage  
Once the first circle was reached, the 8 x directions were re calibrated by re introducing 8 x shapes in the next layer.
Watch for the next exciting instalment of the Magic Dot to see what will come next.......

Thanks for reading our extra long post this month everyone !!!
Keep making art at home with your children

Artfully Yours
Mrs Kirk  and Miss Flowers 

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