Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December Artfulness at LP!!!

Happy Christmas everyone from the Merry Old LP Artroom !
Mrs Flowers and Mrs Kirk say
Happy Holidays !

R2 Nature Artistes
Your wondrous R2 Angels have been very busy finishing up their study of leaves in our Artroom garden, they have been learning to use " High School" brushes and use a slow hand and keep steady.
Just look at those careful hands ......
Blending our colours to match what we could see.....
Matching up the right green, using our previous knowledge from the White Rabbit colour project.
Then we blended colours to make a garden background for our special leaf.
and into the garden it went!
 Just like the real thing! What marvellous Nature Artistes we have here in R2 !!

Grade One
Have completed their utterly amazing Klimt Canvases....
These amazing pieces will be coming home to be mounted in a place of honour in your own home around Chinese New Year.

In the meantime, alongside their classroom unit examining the question:
"What is a Scientist " Grade One's have been studying ........
You ask them !
See if they can tell you the name of a scientist who studies insects !
Can they tell you what determines or defines an insect ?
What body parts do we share in common ?
Look at these amazing scientific drawings :
and then we looked very closely.
In both art and science, understanding and learning are both deepened based upon careful observation of the world around us.
 some very huge beetles!
Watch this space for what comes next !

Design and Observation
by Grade Two

The Mandalas are now finished and adorning the walls of our school :
Look at the gallery 
Having learned how to be creative designers, inventing motifs, embellishing lines and edges, these grade two artistes have gone on to develop anther crucial art skill, that of OBSERVATION

Learning to draw is Learning to see
Learning to draw is Drawing to learn

In both science and art there exists the potential to use of drawing for discovery and research as well as for representation.
Following up on the Grade Two Habitat Unit, Mrs Kirk and Mrs Flowers followed in the G2 footsteps and took a walk down to Tai Tam Tuk, looking for the small details and images hidden in the natural world along the way.
We brought back a series of photos that we could use to discuss the concept of zooming in !
 Students studies a series of patterns continued in our photos
Using the power of the big artroom screen we were able to identify many of the unseen details as we noticed, hairs on leaves and shadows in the background !
Turning these into sketch collections
We are blown away by the intensity of focus your children showed through out this project and the incredible accuracy and detail shown here reflects that.
I am sure they will be telling you about all this at home !

So everyone, enjoy your Christmas adventures
hope you all get to do or see some art!
and see you once again in 2016

Artfully Yours
Mrs Flowers and Mrs Kirk

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