Thursday, November 7, 2013

October in the Artroom

R2 What color is the sky?

Your wonderful R2 Angels have been studying how to create an amazing landscape using perspective, and building up layers !
First of all we asked the question: What color is the sky? And with gentle probing came to realize that the color of the sky changes according to the time of day and the weather…..and so we were able to paint a sky that reflected a special time of day and a certain kind of weather.
What colour is the sky ?
We all went out on the roof after that, to trace the shape of the mountains beside our school in order to return to class and create the next layer of our picture, the "far far away mountains' and the "close to me" mountains. We studied images of Hong Kong and realized that the "far far away" buildings need to be very very small……so we included those in the picture!
Watch next months exciting bulletin to see what happens next!

G1 The Art of Science !!
Learning to look closer!
This last month all the G1 kids have been studying the Lifecycles Unit in their classroom. In Art we have built on this topic having  similar conversations about the concept of cycles and the application of that to LIFE!
Having ascertained that "life" can begin with a seed, we begin by looking at fruit as "Suitcases" for seeds. By dissecting fruit we identify the seeds within and use magnifying glasses to study the structure inside. This forms the basis of investigative drawings starting with a Line sketch and using shading to show form and shapes.

So parents, what do you think this is ?

Ask your children….and ask them to talk to you about The Secret Cave………… and the magic of flowers!!

G2 The Hoi Ha Nature Detectives
Scientific Art moments!
Linking with the amazing trip to Hoi Ha in Sai Kung, the G2 students have been learning how to study an object very very closely to find its texture and its pattern. Using our visualizer we have enlarged shells and corals to such an extent that their form is unclear but their texture is vibrant and looks like a strange landscape. This helps the students become aware of the details that are available to their eyes if they use magnifying tools and zoom in drawing techniques. Building upon this close observation they have just begin to create large and small sketches which will depict the beach to sea habitats that they visited at Hoi Ha.

G2 Zoom in sketches
G2 searching for patterns

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