Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September in the Artroom!

This month in Art your lovely R2 children continued their investigations into the mischief of white rabbit…………who jumped into the paint and found 3 new colors! They used 6 x balls of play dough which were the primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Then  in turn squished the balls together to make new color discoveries… …ask them what 3 new colors they found ! Lastly they mixed their paints in the same way to create their very own color wheel inside their brand new art-room sketch-books !

These sketchbooks will be theirs to use right from R2 to G2 and when they leave Lower Primary they will bring them home. This is a great record of their artistic journey
Grade 1 students have been re creating long tall pictures in the style of the artist Henry Matisse. They cut up the wonderful colored painting surfaces they made last month, to assemble the background, then they each learned how to created a Matisse style figure using only scissors and black paper, tricky but they all got there!
Then they analyzed the collage cut outs of Matisse to decide which shapes to add to their picture, they have now created these and assembled them as a whole picture, they look fantastic and will appear on the third floor at LP next week so do take a peek !!
There has been an amazing atmosphere of meditative calm in the Artroom this week as your Grade 2 children create the most incredible circular Mandalas…using the secret formula: North South East West around their circle. They started by making practice mandalas inside their sketchbook, and when they felt secure in the technique, we started a large main Mandala in color.
The results are outstanding, I have seen students really surprise themselves and they are loving the gentle nature of repetition that is involved. Do take a look at our slideshow on this page.

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