Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 2014 A whole New Year!

R2 Nature Detectives in the Artroom!

The R2 Children were initially asked to draw a leaf from memory ......
Many remembered great detail in the shapes, lines  and edges.
They were asked these questions:

Are all leaves the same?
Why do leaves have lines?

The consensus opinion was that leaves have lines to hold them together and leaves have lines to carry water all the way up! So leaves have secret water pipes! With this in mind, they all undertook an observational sketching task, the task being to show people show all leaves have DIFFERENT shapes and DIFFERENT water pipes!

The results were amazing as you can see.....
They then applied the same observational sketching abilities to another task, which was to look closely at the Chinese New Year Narcissus flower bulbs.

Again looking for the water pipes ( roots ) and the new life ( shoots) and the secret parcels hiding new lif amongst the leaves...............the buds!
There is great excitement in the artroom as we wait to see what will happen to our flower bulbs by next art class.....there have been many predictions its very exciting!
Do enjoy the seasonal Flowers Markets with your children and do ask them to show you the details on your Chinese New Year flowers.

G1 Sparks fly in the art room !

In excited anticipation of the upcoming Chinese New Year Fireworks, your Grade1 children have been watching a few Youtubes of fireworks in years gone by to detect the patterns, shapes, and colours that fireworks create in the night sky !
They used oil pastels to draw huge explosions that would sizzle and sparkle and glow in the dark!!!

Then the week after we introduced the notion that fireworks can only be seen at night! So lets make them sizzle and glow!
People got excited !
Off we went !!!

Sparkle, whoosh, bang, whistle, zip, zam, zoom!!!!

Gung Hei Fat Choi everybody !!!!!

and so to Grade 2....who are working on 2d to 3d Sketching, 101

This drawing segways nicely into the Grade 2 Math Unit, the students have all just finished learning the names of 3d shapes and they have learned how to construct those. As part of a whole class activity, students were shown a circle and asked what techniques they could use to turn it onto a sphere.

This gave rise to a great deal of discussion about light, shadows, direction of light and various greys. AS we unpacked the ira and we told the children they only had a pencil to use they quickly realised that the pencil would have to be able to help them show a variety of shades of grey. 
After discovering how many greys they could potentially make! The children were then shown how to utilise those greys in response to light and shade and to undertake the drawing of their sphere.
The following week we extended this activity and used a variety of 3d shapes to "draw". We substituted 3 shades of  grey paint, in place of the pencil, so that the 3d shapes could be depicted using a light tone, mid tone and dark tone.

This activity is intended to help children show 3d objects in a pictorial composition.

Watch this space to find out exactly what kind of pictorial composition will emerge !

Gung Hei Fat Choi

from Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk
in the LP Artroom

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