Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Fun in the Artroom!

R2 Have been using their "Art Detective" eyesight to look for patterns in nature.

They looked through the Magic Eyeball shape at the zoom-in photos of Nature Patterns such as animal skin, feathers, scales and leaves. They then created their drawings by mapping out the main lines and using soft crayons to blend and shade in layers. The results are stunning.....
Patterns are everywhere!!!
The following week, our R2 students continued to study where patterns can be found, and they experimented with finding patterns hidden in paste and paint layers.  

They carefully brushed out one smooth colour and then covered their paper with a second layer.......Look at the strange collection of tools they used to scrape away the second layer: 

I saw peoples hands making wiggles, zig zags, swirls, steps, waves and lines!

Where on earth will we find patterns next I wonder ?

Our wondrous G1 Artists have been busy!
Starting the month with a Chinese Year focus, they created amazing Cherry Blossom images for their mums.
Using twigs, fingers and brushes they built up the delicate shapes of flowers and leaves.

Air and Weather

In the classroom the G1 students have been  learning about Air and Weather in Science.In the artroom we have been looking at whether we can see the air ....and whether artists have been able to paint Air. After looking at our artist slideshow, it was concluded that artists have painted the air by showing :
1) The Light
2) The Wind
Watch out for next month when you can see G1 Air and Weather Storms !

 Composition by G2 students 

Your lovely G2 students have been learning how to plan a major artwork. To segway into the classroom Characters project, they have been learning through guided visualisation how to create characters from our own imagination,
We used Mind-mapping techniques to create a web of ideas that enable the character to have various contextural points.

This helps to create a character who can potentially be part of a larger story.Then starting with the concept of Habitat and Environment they made a study of landscapes in illustration and have begun to learn how to map out an image, using compositional tricks.
The same three picture "ingredients" were re arranged or "composed" to shift perspective,  people tried applying zoom in zoom out techniques to their designs.
Students worked in Top Secret to keep their ideas 
Original and Fresh.


The final sketch has been chosen and they will now draft  the design out on a canvas ready for painting....

Watch this Space !

Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk
in the LP Artroom

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