Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Busy month of March in the Artroom!

There have been some amazing Art Detectives in R2 this month!

Looking very carefully at our pictures of Hong Kong fish, sketches were made showing all the lines, patterns and details that we could find!
Then the exciting next stage, R2 students tried a whole new tricky process, drawing our fish with soft bendy wire!

Aren't they amazing! 
Students rose to the the challenge of : Criss Cross, Pinch, Twist and Wind. You can ask your children what that means ! They pushed through some tricky problem solving challenges, persevered through the new fine motor experience of bending  the wire, and all created the outline of a Hong Kong fish with all its fins!!!

Watch this space to see what happens next.....
How will we see our fish when they are swimming on the coral reef ?

Meanwhile in the Grade 1 Artclasses.......

Following our Air and Weather project, in which students learned three new painting methods to create a series of skies. We took our acrylic painting a little further and used Art Detective skills to study fragments of Van Gogh paintings.

Students had to work out how Van Gogh might have used his hand and brush to create a painting made of many short strokes laid side by side. Look at the results .....students showed great observational skills and terrific hand control. They also demonstrated the ability to match the appropriate colours through mixing their paints and that they were able build up an image by laying down strokes side by side.

Fabulous work as you can see.

Meanwhile, G2 have started painting their real life giant canvases!

As part of their characters project, the "place" in which our imaginative character lives is being painted layer by layer.
Starting with the sky, students used the "Magic Mixture" ( our white paint ) to blend and graduate colors according to the sky that they wanted to depict to set the mood of their picture.

As you can see there are a great variety of ideas and scenes, some scenes are even underwater!

You can also see that students have paid close attention to the light source in the picture and shaded accordingly.
People are now starting to further layer the painting by bringing in the background layer which generally touches the sky.

The emphasis is now on the use of texture and how we can change the movement of our hand as we paint to show snow, or grass or lava or rocks. Using long strokes,in specific directions and stippling techniques,  the scenery begins to come alive!!

Watch this page for the next exciting instalment in the progress of these paintings,  where you can see what happens when we add the middle ground and foreground.


Look how good at art you all are! Its the most wonderful thing to watch your children reminding you how good you are at art even though you may not think so yourself at first!
Well done for having a go!

Thats all for March 
from your Art teachers

Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk

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