Thursday, October 16, 2014

Creative September Days

The Magic Dot is a little late this month due to our Mid Term break, but here is the latest news bulletin from the Creative Hot-Zone in room 316........The Artroom!!!!!

Guess what our wonderful garden and waterfall is all finished and people are visiting the area to sketch, play, chat, read, take photo's, take time out and relax....


So the wonderful R2 artistes have continued to study color here in class, they heard all about the antics of our naughty White Rabbit......

Ask your children what they learned from that naughty rabbit in the artroom !
Ask them about the Primary Colours and how they learned to create a little colour magic..?

 We dripped....

and we dripped.....

and what did we find?

We stuck and we glued....

and what did we find?

We mixed and we stirred......and what did we find?

What are the new Magic Colors we discovered ?

Grade 1

Grade One students learned about the Russian artist Mr Wassily Kandinsky.
Ask your children, how did Kandinsky make art ? What did he use ? and how did he make one part of his picture very important ....? 

He used a few tricks to show people his Focal Point and guess what ? so did your children !!
They started to overlap collaged shapes, right on top of the Magic Dot ( ask your children) and began to make ....."The Party Spot" ........

Building the next week, using Kandinsky's tricks they added shapes which pointing towards the Party Spot !

and lastly they used Kandinsky's trick of emphasising focal point or The Party Spot by using pointers.......

Ta Da!!! Your children have created an amazing work of art on a canvas, using all of Kandinsky's tricks, and guess what Mums and Dads you can have this framed to hang in your own home !!

Grade Two

Are showing the most amazing talents as they develop their Mandalas this month. As you can see, like many things in the art all started with a Magic Dot ! We used the special 8 point Mandala recipe and that ensures absolutely everyone can do this!

 Starting with the creation of an of 8 x point compass to help us find the way, on our page that is !!

Then we slowly, slowly grew our Mandala one stage at a time: ask your grade 2 children to teach you how, parents.

When people felt good about the pencil practice, they went on to create a coloured background:

We let these dry and then translated our learning into the new stage, starting tin the centre with 8 x compass points.

Grade 2 kids, if you want to follow the stages,  you know what to do, here's a reminder: 

1) Choose your starting shape
3) NE, NW, SE, SW
4) Decorate
5) Choose your fill shape: Fill
6) Decorate
7) Jump
8) Decorate

Then when people felt secure about the centre circle we progressed a little further in growing these designs.  Don't they Rock  !!!

Next week we will continue to build these designs all over our circle, watch this space !!

Last of all Parents, if you have any plastic supermarket trays or Yeovalley Yogurt pots at home, pls send them in with your child we can always use them and if you feel like dropping by the art room to help, we would be thrilled!

Bye for now
yours creatively

Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk

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