Friday, November 7, 2014

Wondrous October Arty Fun!!

Hi Everyone
Isn't October everyones favourite month here in Hong Kong! The weather cools down, the breezes blow and of course its Bookaween !! The Specialist teachers came out in costume of course !! 

This has been a lovely time to take the R2 children into the Artroom Garden and to build some of our Nature Detective Skills......take a peek at students getting to know the Shapes, Sizes, Colours and Patterns of the Artroom Garden leaves:


Just look at all the shapes and sizes that were found !  In LP, students experience drawing activities by using a range of sources including memory, observation and imagination. This is what that looks like:  the first job was to create a record of all things details that could be captured by memory...............

Look at all the details that were spotted ! They recalled a LOT! The next job was to sketch using our eyes..................

We used a few detective tricks to help find the outlines, shapes, lines, patterns and texture. Ask your students about Magic Finger......
Next we studied the colours of one special leaf and how each one on the plant was different!

Look at the amazing range of interpretations of the same leaf.............everyone is an artist here, each with their own vision and execution !

So the G1 students have been contemplating the question, what colour is the sky .....oh my gosh, so many answers!! Look how many paint colours were needed to paint the sky !!!

So using some of our Artroom images, G1 students set about painting skies, whilst contemplating two questions,

What can the sky tell us about the weather ?
What can the sky tell us about the time of day ?

Interesting how children so quickly remind us of basics,  that before televised weather forecasts and iphone apps, people really did go outside and look at the sky to find out the answer to those two questions !!!

Next steps were, students were encouraged to give their sky a "scene" by being introduced to the concept of silhouette pictures.

They drew their features onto the sky, creating a mystical skyline depicting a place in their own imagination! As you can see with some striking results !!

This project linked with classroom studies in which students are learning about aspects of Air and Weather in science.

Finally those INCREDIBLE Grade two Mandalas are being completed this week ! 

There has been an atmosphere of quiet contemplation as peoples confidence levels grow and their design become more careful and complex ! 

People have learned a range of design strategies, including repetition, scale, contrasting colours, repeating colours, inling and outlining, the use of white and yellow in an image to bring focus to an area and  the benefits of slowing down!
Here's a small gallery of student work: 

Aren't your children amazing !!  The skill and patience which this project has required is testament to their maturity and confidence, wonderful work !

That's all for now in this months Magic Dot, next time be looking out for our fabulous artistic magic!!

from your
Art Teachers

Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk

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