Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas has come to the Art room !!!

Merry Christmas everyone
from Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk and a few other reindeers !

The wonderful R2 Christmas trees just grew and grew !

We began by making a Magical Northern Lights December background for our trees using a spot of kitchen magic !  Can you see what used......sometimes Art is a little like Science.....don't you think?

What can you see here ?
What happened next ?

A little bit of magic took place before our very eyes !

Do you know we made those amazing patterns ?

Then we planted our trees....

and made some decorations....

what fun we have had in R2 !

Meanwhile, over in Grade One....
the designers were busy at work!

We talked about, what does it take to be a designer ?
What does a designer have to do or be....

People came to these conclusions:

A designer has to be imaginative, inventive, 
good at research to find new patterns and ideas
observant, good at planning and careful at drawing.

Designers have to understand how to build patterns using various magic tricks like 
repetition and blending shapes

So we did some visual research using the amazing designs of coral reef fish

We took our learning into a sketch designing  our own fish, starting with the outline and clearly showing our pattern blending and repetition.

When we had finished building our designs, we created an ocean setting for our little guy....
look at this amazing gallery of coral reef fish!

and this week we took our fish designing into new territory and started our fish kites.

We hope to fly these little guys after the break....

Grade Two Artistes 

To finish up their mandala project, Grade Two's created a collaborative Mandala collage depicting their understanding of rotational symmetry and repetition.

Aren't they striking !

Next Steps:

Grade Two have been studying Habitats in their classroom Science Unit.  As you know they all visited the wonderful Hoi Ha marine reserve recently and some classes also visited the Tai Tam Tuk shoreline environment and looked at some similarities and life forms between both locations, which both happen to be estuarine environments. The had a lot to share about their close up investigations.

In Art we decided to complement that learning, by taking a "Zoom Out" look at our very beautiful Tai Tam Shoreline, as we see it from the classroom windows.
We discussed the concept of a "landscape" and broke that down into background, middleground and foreground.

The we used a series of Tai Tam landscape photographs to create sketches of this area.

The following lesson we outlined each "zone " with a highlighter pen so that we could create break down the visual and recreate it as a Cut Out Collograph in order to create some January Art Magic....

You will have to watch this space to find out what will happen next to these Grade two images.....I wonder what will we will see......

In the meantime...

Happy Xmas everyone and have fun at home hanging your children's artwork on the wall!

Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk


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