Thursday, April 7, 2016

Marvellous March Magic!

Goodness me your children have been busy and amazing this month as always!! and of course we had the wonderful experience of meeting so many of you and see you create with your children in the artroom at the Student Led Conferences :

Your students have been very busy in art class of course.....

Alongside their hong Kong Skyline Unit in class, the R2 Artistes have had the magnificent experience of working with a Real Live Artist! Italian Artist Francesco Lietti ( who is based in Hong Kong ) came to work with all R2 Students for 2 whole days.

First of all he showed us his own artwork as he told us all his artistic story and what brought him to Hong Kong.
Our children loved meeting with him,  he became a warm engaging friend to the R2 students 
Then back at the artroom ....we began to create our three large murals 
Students were practicing their techniques with Mrs Kirk and Miss Flowers to get prepared to use stamping and printing methods to make Hong Kong buildings.
 This prepared them for the mural and also created the basis for their very own skyline.
This is our work so far......we are just finishing up and our murals will be soon hung up for all to see at the front of the LP building in Tai Tam.

G1 Art-stronauts 

First of all we asked the Grade One students what they understood by the concept of the Solar System. They all drew what was in their mind.Take a peek:
We then began a study of the planets, and using a range of plastic objects, we used our "eyeball" measuring to draw all 9 planets in rough size comparison to each other.
Then we studied the planets on our giant screen which allows us to see colour clearly so that we could decide which colours Mr Brush may need to visit to execute each painting in turn....
Just look at these amazing watercolour paintings:
Which are now being placed within our previously made outer space circles:
 Just look at these amazing Solar Systems!

Ask your children to explain their process as they made this piece 

More from Grade One next month ! 

Grade Two
Meet the Artist

Okay so here are some strange and interesting mystery items ....any idea what you are looking at ?

Here are some clues as to what your Grade 2's have been making folks....
Take a piece of wood and an old sock, a length of wire and put it all together...
Do some creative bending ! 
Ask your children to explain what they did here and what they have made so far.

Then add the Magic Mixture....

Ask your children what that Magic Mixture is...
 Leave the mystery item to dry....
Then add a layer of undercoat ( paint) 
Well here's a whole collection !?
After layer of paint has been applied.
Each class studied their very on specific artist......

More on that later, watch this space to find out what happens to our very strange "old sock models".

Thats all from the LP Artroom everyone.
Keep making Art with your kids at home!

Artfully Yours
Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk

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