Sunday, May 8, 2016

Amazing April in the Artroom !

Hi Everyone
As ever its been fun, creativity and action right here in the LP artroom this month despite the April Showers outside the door! 

R2 Architects 
After working alongside Francesco to design and paint our skyline mural, the R2 children have been creating their very own personal skylines.
 Setting the scene by outlining the waterfront and the mountains of Hong Kong.
Carefully using Mr Smooth.......ask your children about him! 
Then we used our specially prepared "window" papers to create our Hong Kong buildings.
 Starting with the tall buildings first, we practiced looking at the outlines to determine what needed to be cut out and added on.
Then adding in other recognisable shapes and features.

Lastly adding boats into Hong Kong Harbour.

You will be receiving these fabulous artworks at the end of the school year and they have been created on artists canvases to ensure longevity in your home ! 

Grade One 

The grade one students are soon to be starting their Islam unit in the classroom, and in art class we have built a project  to connect with that learning. So we began by investigating the curious yet amazing appearance of some mystery buildings in far far away countries.
We asked some questions:
What do you see ?
What do you notice ?
What do you wonder ?
Your children tried to work out how these spectacularly decorated buildings became covered in patterns and colour
They made suggestions as to what these buildings could be used for ....
Everyone knew they must be very important like a castle or a museum or a place to pray..many children identified "ancient writing" as a clue.....
Children worked out these buildings must be covered in a weatherproof material and we eventually got to the notion of this must have been the magic trick used to repeat the patterns that they had identified.
Using detective eyes people worked out how tiles are designed in order to link patterns together.
So what next ?

We started our own "Mystery Puzzle"
Painting some shapes with watercolours 
Adding in some patterns
Cutting out our first shapes, and finding ways to arrange those, matching colours and signs around The Magic Dot.
Using the same kind of rotational symmetry found in Islamic designs. 
Then we added in our squares......
and last of all one more set of diamonds......look how everyone found the right spaces and shapes to fit this puzzles together ....
Tada!!!.......the Grade One students have created a rotational tile which all fitted together and they have started to find out about how geometry is used in Islamic design.
What a great start to this project.

Grade Two 
Meet the Artist

Do you recall those funny sock models we made last month ?
Well Grade Two artistes have been studying a variety of artists class by class so that they can transform their very own sculpture into an artist’s canvas.
We started by practicing in our sketchbooks
Take a peek ! 

Miss Nguyen's class
studied Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting
Mr Demsey's class
studied the artist Claude Monet 
Mr Woods class
studied Vincent Van Gogh
Miss McLeod's class
studied Henri Rousseau
Miss Aspers Class
studied Freiderick Hundertwasser
Mrs Nortons Class
studied Delaunay 
Mrs Moulton's Class
studied Gustav Klimt 
Mrs Sathpathy Lem's class
studied Georgia OKeeffe
Miss Niemeyer's class
studied Pablo Picasso
wait till you see the sculptures that your grade two students have started!!
Pictures and " Pop Up art show " coming up soon !

Thats all for now
Yours Artfully

Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk 

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