Thursday, November 24, 2016

November Newsy Artventures

Hi Everyone
Further news from the LP Art room where your children have been creating outstanding  artworks. 
Prepare to be amazed !!!

The Reception 2 'Light Beings'

Have been completing their observational studies in the garden, we have many plants and bushes out there and some of them have colourful and intricate leaf designs. We used our magic finger to trace the outline followed by the patterns.
After constructing our leaf with pencil, we traced those lines with our skinny markers so that we can see the marks clearly.
 Then we used our old friends the watercolour paints with the very special high school brushes so that we could make delicate marks and fill each area.
 We know how to make greens using blue and yellow, so we are able to mix just the right shade. Look Mr Brush's hair is not even bending! 
Finally we finished our leaves. The only problem was..... we discovered there had been rather a naughty visitor in the garden.....look what we noticed ! 
Somebody has been munching the leaves in the garden ! 
Oh no, who could that be ??
Someone suggested it was White Rabbit....but no-one had seen him!
Someone suggested it was Miss Yee, but no-one had seen her munching leaves!
A few people suggested that it might be our old friend, Mr Caterpillar........

Ask your child who has munched the leaves! 
We had an identity parade...........
 Was it him? Anyone seen him?
 Was it him? had anyone seen him?
Or was it this chap here ?
Oh no it must have been this friend here ! 
We decided to create our very own caterpillars since we have made some leaves and they might be peckish!
We knew that some might be spotty, some might be hairy and some might have many legs!
and then they went to live on our leaves, just like this!
Ask your children what will happen to the caterpillar after he has wrapped himself up in his cocoon...

The Grade One Artistes

We finally complete our gorgeous Gustav Klimt style paintings take a peek ! 
Your child's work is on display all around the school at the moment, it will be coming home for you to hang on the wall at home very soon.

Flower Studies
We started a new project last week,  we closed our eyes and tried to think of various memories of flowers that we could recall seeing. 
We gathered our memories on the board, look how many different designs we found...
So then we practiced drawing using our eyes, our
Observational skills.
We planned out a shape and a strategy first, started from the centre and then filled in the details bit by bit.
Can you believe these amazing sketches were made by Grade One children !
Your children could find so many details.........
Next steps.....using what we observed we are going to try and design some of our very own flowers. 

Grade Two Creative Experts

Look at these fabulous Mandalas that have now been completed by your children.

The Insect World

Since all our classes are studying the natural world this term, Grade Two have begun 
to take a very close look at something tiny !
Last year year Grade One's all learned about the structure of an insect in art and this year we have been able to use the High School Insect collection to study insects from all angles.
Having the specimens means that students have been able to see the back, the underneath and the side as well.
Ask your children to tell you about the body parts of an insect.

These are our research sketches, just watch what we will do next...... 
in next months Magic Dot!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Artfully Yours
Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk 

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