Sunday, February 5, 2017

New Year Artfulness

Amazing things have been occurring in the LP Art room so far this year! 
Just take a look at the R2 Art and Nature studies !!
Do you remember that naughty caterpillar the ate up our leaves in the garden ? you know what happened to him next ?
Ask your children how the caterpillar changed ...
We painted on one side of our paper only, then folded it in half and some magic happened.....
Take a peek !!
 Ask your children what we call it when something is the same on both sides...
We loved the magic!
Then, the next week we took our symmetrical pictures and learned how to turn them into a butterfly!
 Using our black paint and marked out our butterfly on one side only. 
So we had to paint half a head, half a body, one antennae and one leg.......the what do you think we did ?
We folded our paper and TA DA!!!!!!!!
.....we added one big stretchy wing and one snuggly buggy wing underneath and all our patterns, folded each time we made a mark and look what happened !
Then our butterflies were ready to fly!!!!

Grade One Floral designers 

Continuing our natural theme, our grade one artistes who had been using observational drawing to learn the structure of flowers, now began to use what they have learned and started to create designs for their very own imaginative flower.
We began in the centre, look at how careful these details are and how people have worked so hard to keep them even and equal sized.
Then we learned how to add in our petals, keeping them evenly spaced and equal sizes too!
Then we outlined in marker....
One or two people started to paint....
very very carefully using our super tiny number 2 brushes!!
Watch this space as more of these gorgeous flowers will start bloom!!

Grade Two Artist/Scientists
Following on from last months sketching of the High school insects. We continued our studies.
 As you can see, using half an insect allows our grade two artistes to use their own judgement when drawing the other side. This then provided an outline for people to trace with black ink. 
How do you think they created these "whole" insects ??
Ask your children to explain how they made these images!

Then look what came next.....we used what we knew about 3d insects to begin to model the body in 3 parts.
Ask your children to name the three body parts
 These were then joined up together.
 Then we used masking tape wire and paper wrapping to make the legs.
Time to start adding in the legs.
Don't they look amazing! 
People worked in teams and kids were teaching each other....
We can't wait for the next exciting stage in this project.......
Check in on The Magic Dot next month find out how we bring them alive!!!

Artfully Yours
Gung Hei Fat Choy

Miss Flowers and Miss Kirk

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