Monday, June 5, 2017

May Meanderings

Hi Everyone
Well after our amazing month with Francesco, we eventually returned our artroom activities and routine! All of your students continues to nurture their creative muses and bring forth all kinds of stunning creations!
R2 Artistes 
Following their garden studies, we read this beautiful book by Eric Carle.
In preparation for making our own garden we painted some skies on real life artists canvases, asking such questions as:
How does the sky tell us the time of day?
How does the sky tell us the weather ?
The following week we created some papers in the style of Eric Carle using an array of mystery objects to make journeys on the page 
Then we were ready to create our own gardens in the Eric Carle style.
Look at our gorgeous images !
The artroom is blooming all around us now! 

Grade 2 Creative Angels 
Grade 2's have been reading a famous old Chinese story from long long ago.
The story of the Willow Pattern Plate
you can read the whole study in this book.
You can watch this video that we loved as well:

We began by sketching and drawing, to get to know the details
Then each class made a segment of the image for our great big mural 
Until we were ready to assemble the pieces into a glorious mural for our new LP school campus in Repulse Bay.
An amazing tribute to their very careful drawing  ! 
 Grade One presented the completed Willow Pattern murals to our lovely Chinese teachers, who were so surprised and delighted to  see the new pieces that will hang in their very own area, and all of the children going to Chinese will see them as well.
 The Chinese teachers were very happy !

Grade 2 
The Big Beetle hunt! 
Remember our scientific drawings that we made earlier this year ? Well because we had learned to look at the insect from above, the side and underneath, we were able to translate that knowledge and make ourselves a 3d insect! 
The models were made.....
 The insects were painted and brought to life ! 
Then we used special luminous paint to give the special insect effect !
Then at last we added our details.
Then we let everyone see our insects, by placing the in the Secret Garden 
All the others students came to our pop UP Art show including plenty of Middle Schoolers too! 

Last of all your Grade 2 students created their own imaginative 2d insects, look at their careful painting. 
All in all, a fabulous end to the artistic year! 
So thanks for reading the Magic Dot and we will see you again next year for more creative adventures 

Artfully Yours
Miss Flowers and Mrs Kirk 
LP Artroom

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