Thursday, June 1, 2017

Marvellous March Adventures

Very Special Moments happened in the Art room this month!  Our entire school got to work with our visiting Italian Artist : Francesco Lietti.
It all began with some rather special planning from the Grade 2 Design Team before Francesco arrived at school.....we asked them : what does YOUR Hong Kong look like ?"
 Working in groups people brainstormed on paper and came up with some marvellous inspirational sketches for us to show Francesco
Then Francesco came to meet all the Grade Levels and he told everyone them that he is planning to create a giant mural for our new school but needed the help of everyone in the school to make it happen.
Then he began to prepare the canvas for us to use ....
We began to include the details 
Look how quickly things began to take shape...
All your children took part, everyone created a part of this amazing Hong Kong Scape. Francesco even visited the R1 classrooms for all of those students to create their own Hong Kong details. 
He chatted with everyone and shared ideas.
Some people created straight onto the canvas....
Some people designed pieces to be stuck on later.
The big picture grew! 
and grew.......
and grew!!!!
Until it was full enough and huge enough and fabulous enough to be ready for hanging in the brand new HKIS Lower Primary at Repulse Bay.
You will be able to see this painting in real life very soon, in the lobby of the new campus.....and a part of it is being made ( right now!) into a spectacular Murano glass mosaic to be placed at the school entranceway..........prepare to be amazed! 

Yours most artfully
Miss Flowers and Mrs Kirk

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